The Experiment Begins

Can heirloom tomatoes be grown in the desert? On a patio in Phoenix? In an Earthbox®.? I’m going to find out.

Last year, I successfully grew more cherry tomatoes than I knew what to do with, along with some beautiful Celebritys. The goal this year is to get more flavor out of my Earthboxes®.

On that note, I have ordered some seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. The catalog they sent me is awesome! You gotta see it to believe it. Their website is nice too, but the catalog is like “Garden Porn.”

I avoided standard red tomatoes since I can purchase those locally, and in the summer they aren’t totally flavorless. My list is this:

Product ID Product Name Price Quantity Total
TP103 Black from Tula Tomato $2.50
(Not Taxable)
1 $2.50
TK147 Bali Tomato $2.25
(Not Taxable)
1 $2.25
TG103 Green Zebra Tomato $2.50
(Not Taxable)
1 $2.50
TY117 Golden Monarch Tomato $2.50
(Not Taxable)
1 $2.50
HPP161 Scotch Bonnet Yellow Pepper $2.50
(Not Taxable)
1 $2.50
Subtotal Amount : $12.25
Discount : $0.00
Shipping (USPS Best Value) : $3.00
Tax Amount : $0.00
Total Amount : $15.25

Ok, there’s a scotch bonnet pepper in there. Those are impossible to find in Arizona…and I like to make jerk. My goal is 4 tomato plants, one of each type. Two per box, as specified by the manufacturer. I learned last year – don’t try to second guess the system. It works as designed, and advertised – as long s you follow the instructions.

The pepper will be in a standalone pot, and I’ll be moving the basil and such into a homemade self-watering container. Perhaps the pepper will go alongside the basil. I don’t know yet. The container prep/build will happen soon. I’ll photographically document it and post it here.

Now, I await my seeds – then I will start them with a little kit from the home store. My plan is three seeds of each. That should allow for some mistakes, and perhaps give me some seedlings to bring to my dad who is still trying to grow stuff in the clay-laden ground out here. He can be my control sample.

Okay, thats it for now…check back in a day or two – I’ll post as I go along.

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