Peppers and Peat Pods

Today, was starting day for the peppers. Peppers need to start indoors from seed 8-10 weeks before they hit the great outdoors…so I started them, aiming for a late March planting.

Peat pellets

I opted for the “high-tech” method of using peat pellets in a nifty little egg carton-sized container with a lid. A miniature greenhouse, if you will. Here’s a shot of the pellets before and after watering…notice the expansion factor. Below, is a shot of the pellets in their container, one with seeds.

Pellets In Container

Pellets In Container

In addition to starting these seeds today – we decided to pick up a few other seed packets. Herbs, microgreens and mesclun, for the kitchen windowsill. The herbs and microgreens can go year ’round, I believe, and the mesclun will be a nice early spring treat as it won’t last long in the desert, but I’ll see how it works indoors and milk it for what its worth. We also picked up some Armenian cucumbers and have plans to do those on a trellis by the wall in a container. Probably not self-watering, but we’ll see…

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