All the plants seemed to ignore the white fungus well and are thriving in their little peat pellets. In fact, it was time to get the tomatoes into some bigger living quarters.

Peppers and Tomatoes Growing in Peat Pellets

Peppers and Tomatoes Growing in Peat Pellets

On the left are the pepper plants. Note they don’t have any true leaves yet. Just cotyledon.

On the right, are some tomato plants which have developed their first set of leaves, if not two and are ready for transplanting.

For the next stage, I selected some 4″ peat pots. These pots are filled with Miracle-Gro Potting Mix. Note I said mix not soil. Potting soil is too dense for container growing and the mix will integrate nicely into my Earthbox plan nicely.

Tomatoes in Peat Pots

Tomatoes in Peat Pots

Here, they are newly potted, sitting on my sink drainboard. Each pot is labeled with a sticker telling me what variety it is. The stickers will be removed prior to putting them in their final containers. No need to move them to a window today as it is raining, so the fluorescent light over the sink will have to due for today.

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