Hardening Off

Today is a beautiful sunny day. We’ve had some good storms the past two days, but today is clear and bright. So, I decided it would be a good day to get the seedlings outside for a bit.

I had almost 100% germination on everything. The only thing that didn’t germinate were 3 of the shisito pepper seeds. They were all in the same peat pellet. Not sure what happened there.

Anyway, most of the plants have been transferred to the 5″ peat pots now, and are sitting in the sun outside. Temperature according to the internet is 62 degrees farenheit, but in the sun its definitely warmer than that. Breeze is about 1 mph off and on. So, a few hours out there should do the plants good.

I am no longer using any grow light. I did have a small, under-cabinet kitchen fluorescent over the plants when they were small. I was giving them light about 18 hours per day between the sun and the fluorescent. Now, I don’t feel the need to do that, as the south window they are in seems to keep them from getting too leggy.

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