Spider Mites?

One reader has said that my problem seems to be spider mites. That makes sense. While I don’t have a lot of visible webbing, the damage looks like it very well could be these arachnids in action.

Right now, the temperature is 84F,  and humidity non-existent, so it’s a perfect environment for them to thrive in. Since I have been diligent about checking my plants, and the problem is relatively small and new I am treating the mites the same way I caught the aphids off-guard. Soap and water. A couple drops of Dawn dish soap in my spray bottle, and I have saturated the plants from the bottom and the tops of the leaves.

Of course, it is still 84 degreees – so this dries pretty rapidly, but it is increasing the humidity a bit, and I was pretty thorough about spraying them. Washed off any foreign matter, for sure. Will reapply as necessary – never when the sun can strike the leaves and burn them. I’ll keep you posted.

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