Tomatoes Ripening

Green Zebra TomatoThe tomatoes have finally started to ripen! Seems I am having a problem with Blossom End Rot on all varieties. Guess next time, I will have to increase the  amount of hydrated lime that I add; perhaps crush some eggshells into the soil. Live and learn.

The Green Zebras are small, but tasty. A bit more “tang” than I was thinking they would have. That’s ok. Still beats what is available at my local supermarkets. Bali Tomato

The Bali variety are ultra tasty, with a good amount of meat in them, while still offering plenty of juice. Great with a bit of salt on them, fresh from the bush. Most are small and flat, but there are a few out there that are getting large. They range from orange to pink to red when ripe. The plant likes to climb, and lots of garden twine is being used to support their efforts.

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