How Heavy is a Bee Swarm?

Bee Swarm on Branches

Bee Swarm on Branches

If you saw my post on the Bee Swarm that happened after the hive removal, then you know they all gathered on a few small branches at the top of the tree, as shown in this picture, taken last night.




Bee Swarm Bending Branches

Bee Swarm Bending Branches

The branches now look like this second picture, indicating the bees are either heavy enough to bend the branches, or break them.

I was going to use WolframAlpha to do a quick calculation – but apparently Wolfram does not know what a whole honey bee weighs. It does know that wing weight | 0.0024 oz (ounces). Unfortunately that doesn’t help me right now. Either way – a bunch of bees is pretty heavy. I’ll see if I can get a more accurate answer. Feel free to leave your ideas/guesses/formulas or answers as a comment!


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