Found the Bees

Bees in Ficus Tree

Bees in Ficus Tree

In a previous post, I asked where the bees were. Well, I no longer wonder. They are living in the Ficus tree in my front yard! It’s a big hive, and it’s way up in the tree.

I think they arrived in a swarm last spring. I saw the cloud of bees in the yard, but never saw them land.The tree is very densely leaved, so I failed to notice the hive until this winter as I was raking up leaves.

In Arizona most wild bees are considered Africanized, but these bees don’t seem to pay attention to us or the neighbors. They enter and exit the hive at the top of the tree and fly over the roof of the house during their daily pollen gathering.  That is proving to be a good thing, because my latest efforts at growing things is directly behind this tree in my backyard, so pollination is happening nicely with these girls hard at work.