The Bees Have Gone Away

Just a quick update…2 days ago, at approximately 4:30pm that huge cluster of bees up and left. I don’t know what happens to bees without a queen…or where they go…but they went. They were there at 4pm, and gone at 5. Odd.


Sad Day: Feral Beehive Removed

Beehive on GroundIt is a sad day here, if you ask me. If you recall my post on a beehive in our yard – you know that there was a giant hive in our tree. In fact, the pest control guy that came to remove it said it was the largest hive in a tree he has ever seen! When he was done spraying it with insecticide and soapy water using a hose-end attachment, he knocked it down with a hammer.

I’m not sure exactly what he had to do to gain access to it other than climb a ladder and stand on branches. I was taking photos of the area from behind our living room window. It seemed safer that way, for sure!

Safety is why we decided to have it removed. I’m not sure what the liabilities of having a giant hive in your yard are, exactly…but I do know that school buses stop within 50 yards of the tree – and having a large hive with wild bees didn’t seem to be the smartest thing – so we reluctantly had it removed.

Bee Swarm Top of Tree

Bee Swarm Top of Tree - That swarm is about 3' Long by my estimate!

Now, the hive is gone. Actually I think its gone – I haven’t ventured to the tree to peek yet! I watched the guy bag up a huge amount of comb, and there are dead/dying bees strewn all over the yard now…but there is also a huge swarm of bees clustered on a branch at the top of the tree – probably scared and unsure of what to do without their queen.

The “bug guy” tells me that the swarm will die off or move sooner or later. May take a week, he said, due to the size of the hive (which he estimated at the size of a kitchen trash can).

Bee Swarm Moves Up Branch

Bee Swarm Moves Up Branch

I can definitely say, that there were no unhappy bees in this hive until we decided to mess with Mother Nature. Now, there are a bunch of confused bees with nothing to do except buzz around this branch…and I feel bad about that.